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Seventh Judicial District - Douglas County
*It may take up to 20 days for your citation to be entered into the computer system.

Pay by VISA or MasterCard using phone or web:
651-281-3219 (metro)

Pay by check or money order, mail to:
Minnesota Court Payment Center
PO Box 898
Willmar, MN 56201


Effective as of May 18, 2010
Driving Violations
Speed - MPH over the limit
(1-10 over)
(11-14 over)
(15 to 19 over)
(20 to 25 over)
(26 to 30 over)
(31 or more)
1st Violation
Inattentive Driving $125.00
Fail to yield w/o accident $135.00
Stop sign or Semaphore $135.00
No Current Registration $115.00
Open Bottle-Passenger $185.00
Motorcycle Endorsement $135.00
Seat Belt Violation $110.00
No Child Restraint $135.00
Exhibition Driving $125.00
Following too close $135.00
Careless driving $185.00
DAS, DAR, DAC $285.00
Illegal window tint $135.00
Expired DL $185.00
Minor Consumption (M.S.340A.503) $185.00
Uninsured Vehicle - No Proof Ins. $285.00
*If fine is not listed, please call the MN Court Payment Center for fine amount.
Parking Violations - Class A Violations
Overtime Parking $10.00
Against Traffic $10.00
Limit Parking $10.00
Crosswalk $10.00
Sidewalk $10.00
Driveway $10.00
On Boulevard $10.00
Parking Violations - Class C Violations
Double Parking $25.00
Loading Zone $25.00
No Parking Zone (except theater, hotel, alley, fire hydrant) $25.00
Handicapped $50.00
All fines double if not paid within 48 hours.


For a violation within a construction zone or a violation within a school zone or a violation around an emergency vehicle, you must call the court for a fine amount.

Canadian residents: Payment must be payable in U.S. funds.

Merchants can post and assess a $30.00 charge for any NSF checks issued for payment.

Aggravating circumstances may also increase the fine levied. Some violations also require that the defendant show up in court. If endanger life/property is checked on ticket, it is mandatory court.


If you are charged with this offense and had insurance on your vehicle on the date of the offense, you can mail a copy of your citation and a copy of your insurance card or letter from insurance agent or copy of insurance policy. Information must include name of the insured and vehicle type. Mail to the Court Payment Center or you can fax it to 320-231-6507 or you may just pay the fine. If you are charged with another payable violation, you can mail that payment with your insurance proof.


1. The offense you are charged with requires a court appearance.
2. You plead guilty and wish to offer an explanation.
3. Your citation is marked "endanger life or property".
4. You wish to plead not guilty.

Appear at:
Douglas County Court Administration
305 8th Avenue West
Alexandria, MN 56308